DET teamed up with  with Dreamandbe Sine Qua Non, an NGO created to empower youth through project focused events, and Arebueng, a South African based NGO, to design Arebueng Science, a community focused science centre in Rustenburg, South Africa. The DET team was led by Joel Leon (Daniels’ March 2015) and visited the project site in the month of June 2014.

The science centre’s ambition is to create an environment that teaches the connection between science and everyday life, providing opportunities to engage young children’s innate curiosity and give teens a place to explore science through interactive and relevant platforms. Additionally, it aims to vitalize and invigorate the local area, plugging into existing regional assets to provide a unique blend of programs which connect local activities and landscapes to the sciences. At last, the site will house eco-accommodations in order not only to insure not only the economic sustainability of the project, but also to propose alternative experiences to tourists who visit in large numbers nearby national parks. Arebueng has already secured a 22 hectare site to develop the project as well as embarked in numerous technical and environmental studies since 2006 to ensure the success of the proposal.

Partners: Kristina Ljubanovic (George Brown) and Eric Wright (University of Johannesburg)