DET research studio visits Shobak, Jordan

DET 2012 research studio lead field research in the area of Shoubak, Jordan, which is located between Petra and the Protected Area of Dana.

DET 2012 research studio is a collaborative project sponsored by an NGO based in Jordan. The NGO, RSCN – Royal Society for Conservation of Nature- (, which plans and operates protected areas in Jordan, not only funds the students’ trip onsite, but also offers a vibrant platform for interaction between students, local dwellers, park rangers, ecologists and tourism professionals.

Through this continuous collaboration and exchange and intense field research, students will develop a repertoire of research tools and design strategies to adapt a newly protected area, Shoubak, to both the local population’s shifting socio-economic needs and RSCN’s mandate for nature protection and ecotourism. As these strategies will be considered by RSCN as guidelines for the area, the studio acts as an applied research project which simultaneously tackles social and environmental processes.