Samar Zarifa is currently completing her Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronto. In 2009, she received her Honours Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design and Environmental Geography from the University of Toronto as well. Since her undergraduate years, Samar has played a leading role in organizations that promote efficient methods of living and energy conservation on campus.

Samar is of Palestinian origin and grew up in the United Arab Emirates. From a young age, she has had the opportunity to travel to many countries such as Italy, Egypt, Turkey and Malaysia, where she was exposed to diverse cultures, and enriched her knowledge and interest in history and architecture. Her love of travel and curiosity to learn about new places inspired her to follow her current career path. She hopes that this project in Morocco will be one of many in the Arab region, attracting people to experience the unique features of desert landscapes. Samar is currently conducting research on an abandoned village in the UAE, one of the only remaining standing villages in the Arabian Gulf region. She looks forward to continue working on projects which emphasize the culture and heritage of the Gulf and Mediterranean regions, and incorporate these elements in her future designs.